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Audi with the ZF 5HP24 Transmission - Quattro or Rear-Wheel Drive

We rebuilt many ZF transmissions, from the 4HPxx through 6HPxx models.
The 5HP24 is used in many BMW”s, Jaguars, Range Rovers as well.

Repair Example:

Typical Failures:

  • Input Shaft / A-Clutch Drum (drumbreaks off)
  • F-Clutch Piston disintegrates
  • Main Pressure Regulator in the Valve Body wears out, leading to internal pressure loss
Audi ZF 5HP24 Label DSC04606
Audi ZF5HP24 A-Drum P1130039
Audi ZF 5HP24 F-Clutch Piston CIMG7743
Audi ZF5HP24 ValveBody CIMG7723

by RLC (Automotive Division) - a Delaware Corporation

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